Each year, Red Hook Initiative impacts the lives of over 6,500 residents of Red Hook through an interconnected model of youth development, community building and local hiring. Since our founding in 2002, RHI has prioritized the needs of this historically under-resourced community by confronting the impacts of racial inequity and decades of disinvestment. Our community of youth and families residing in Brooklyn’s largest public housing complex faces disproportionate rates of health disparities, poverty and food insecurity.

Despite living in a rapidly transforming neighborhood, residents of Red Hook public housing remain geographically isolated and poorly served by public transportation. The lack of local access to healthy, affordable produce has created public health crises including high rates of obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Red Hook Farms works to increase access to fresh, affordable produce and nurture the next generation of green leaders. In late 2018, RHI assumed management of Added Value, one of Brooklyn’s first and largest urban farms, and relaunched as Red Hook Farms — an innovative model for urban agriculture, youth development and community-led food production. 

You can learn more about Red Hook Farms and RHI's work at rhicenter.org. We invite you to get involved by shopping at our farmstands, volunteering, or supporting our mission.